For Doctors

Expand your practice with the Clepios platform

Do you want patients to search for your services online?

Do you want to expand your patient reach with telehealth options?

Would you like an intuitive, easy to use electronic medical record software that eliminates the need for physical records?

Do you want to be seen as an early adopter of healthcare technology that is life simplifying for your patients and you?

Clepios Health provides you with an easy to use mobile platform that does all this and more.

Here are the key features:

  • Flexible, multi-location calendar for easy appointment booking
  • Telehealth option
  • In app invoicing and payment
  • Voice enabled, intutive electronic medical record software
  • Access to patient medical history
  • Maintain digital health records for patients
  • In app messaging with patients and other providers

In addition, patients will have the ability to search for doctors by location and specialty in app

Encourage patients, pharmacies, labs and imaging centers to get connected by downloading the Clepios Health App

100% Privacy Guaranteed

All information including consultations and reports are completely confidential.

Accredited Doctors

Our exhaustive network of doctors and specialists are all highly qualified and certified.


Get the best of new age medical care anytime, anywhere, at your convenience, without having to wait in rush hour queues.