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Manage your and your family’s health

Do you struggle with maintaining your medical records – whether it is doctors you have seen, medicines you have been prescribed, payments you have made, lab results or X-ray, MRI and CT scan records?

Would you like to have a structured platform to view past procedures, immunizations, allergies and family medical history?

Most importantly, would you like to have the ability to manage your family’s health in an organized way?

All of these are critical for staying on top of your health and providing any doctor a complete overview of your health for accurate diagnosis.

Clepios Health is here to take care of you and your family by providing you with an easy to use mobile platform that does all this and more.

Here are the key features:

  • Manually add/view personal health records
  • Search for doctors, pharmacies, labs and imaging centers based on name, location and speciality
  • Schedule and cancel appointments
  • Telehealth option
  • In app messaging with doctors and other service providers
  • Access X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and lab records
  • Pay service providers
  • Manage family records

Encourage your doctors, pharmacies, labs and imaging centers to get connected by downloading the Clepios Health App

100% Privacy Guaranteed

All information including consultations and reports are completely confidential.

Accredited Doctors

Our exhaustive network of doctors and specialists are all highly qualified and certified.


Get the best of new age medical care anytime, anywhere, at your convenience, without having to wait in rush hour queues.